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Talk about complexities for jobseekers and one will raise going through the job search process as a major one. As exciting as landing a job can be, there is always that very tedious process you have to undergo. From making numerous online and offline applications, going through an interview process and waiting for feedback, hoping to land that job you have worked so hard to get. Despite the time, energy and effort put into job search, very few job seekers actually get a job within the first month of their search.

Are you tired of the manual methods of offline job search? Or are you dissatisfied with the outcomes of online job search?

Jobberman understands the complexities of the job market and is providing job seekers greater opportunity, to take more control of their job searches and career for greater results. Take the first step, by creating a jobseeker profile that will help you be more visible to employers in Ghana who are looking for people with your skillset.  

Presenting the Jobberman Job seeker Profile

Creating a Job seeker profile with Jobberman is your first step to take control. The benefits you will enjoy are;

  1. A Powerful Career Profile

This helps you to get closer to a vast range of job opportunities as you show off your skills, education and experience to potential employers. You can also upload your CV and apply for jobs at your own convenience.

  1. Smart Job Search

One click and you will see thousands of jobs available for you. You can find the right match for your skills at some of the top companies in the most popular countries and industries.

  1. Managing your Job Search

The job seeker profile also gives you your very own dashboard. With your dashboard, you can take control of your job search by tracking your applications, saving interested jobs for later and creating job alerts so you never miss an opportunity.

4. Great Career Advice

You can also visit our Career Center for the best advice for your career. Our career center has been designed to give you tips on how you can be a better candidate and find your dream job. Once signed unto the Job seeker profile, these tips will help you structure your profile in ways that will facilitate greater results for your job search.

Take Control of your Career by signing up to the Jobberman Job seeker profile.

While you cannot control all aspects of your job search, use your Jobseeker profile to take charge of those aspects within your control and position yourself for greater results.

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