How To Ensure You Rank Top On The Best 100 Employers List

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We are at an age where it is not just about getting vacant positions in your company filled. The priority right now is getting quality talent working for you. While this is prudent for you as an employer, the real priority is being the kind of employer that will automatically attract and retain good talent.

When candidates are looking for their next employer, they will scour through your website, look at the job description on your ad, ask around in their professional networks about your company and also look through independent annual company surveys to see where you rank. Such surveys are usually unfiltered and give the world an unbiased view of your company. While you have control over what your website says about your company, these surveys are usually employee-generated. So how do you get your current employees on your side so they give your company a favorable verdict when taking these surveys? Here are four ways;

  1.      Be a Good Employer

This is not as obvious as it sounds. It requires effort on your part to get the basics covered. Ensure your workplace is human and that it encourages creativity and collaboration. Pay your employees within the average market rates, or even better. Ensure basic benefits are covered and always show appreciation. Your hr policies should ensure employees feel valued and appreciated. Finally, provide opportunities for growth and development for your employees. This shows that you care about their careers and livelihood as well. When an employee working in such a company comes across a company survey that requires them to gauge their current employer, they will feel obliged to be positive because they feel appreciated.

  1.      Conduct Regular In-house Surveys

You may think that you are doing everything right and that you have all the basics covered. Sadly, it is possible that you may not be aware of some issues bothering your employees. Internal surveys is a good way to keep your ear on the ground on pertinent issues. Ensure that these surveys are conducted anonymously, regularly and that they leave enough room for complete expression. Ask leading questions with ratings in the surveys for your staff to exhaustively state their joys, gains and pains of working for you, as well as their own suggestions on the way forward.

  1.     Act on the Feedback

You can be sure that after such surveys your employees will be looking to see what action will be taken. So, please ensure you have a clear plan on how to handle the whole process. You can have your hr team collate all responses in a presentable way. You might then want to hold meetings with your heads of departments to discuss the outcome. You can look at some of the suggestions offered by the staff and agree on what is doable against what isn’t. Then hold a company-wide meeting, or sent company-wide communication stating what the feedback was, what is going to change and the steps that will be taken to effect this change.

  1.      Encourage Your Employee to Take Part in the Best 100 Survey

Your company cannot be ranked in the Jobberman best 100 companies of the year if it doesn’t take part in the survey. The only way to ensure you get ranked is by encouraging your employees to take part in the survey. Questions in the survey are short and easy to answer and it takes about 7 minutes, so this should be easy for your employees. Despite the fact that your company might be up against bigger or better-funded companies, a good workplace is ultimately determined by the happiness score of the employees working there. If you believe your employees are happy, then your company is definitely worth the shot.

Encourage your employees to vote your company the best place to work today.

Doreen Mueke
Doreen is the Senior Content Marketer at Ringier One Africa Media.