Benefits of An Applicant Tracking System

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An Applicant Tracking system is a comprehensive software used to receive applications, resumes, organize and screen applicants and track candidates through the entire hiring process to improve candidate experience and quality of hire, reduce costs and administrative burden, and speed up time-to-hire.

Recruitment can turn out to be a complicated process with several elements that may go wrong, and in order to automate and accelerate this process. An Application Tracking System solution is designed in a way to save resources and time on sorting larger volumes of candidates. The software solution can make the process of finding and hiring resources faster and easier. 

It can help improve your hiring process by efficiently managing various activities such as job postings, screening, candidate communication and more. This would make it easy for them to track candidate profile so nothing falls through the cracks. Also, this would let you understand the steps of the hiring process, figure out where bottlenecks occur, where communication breaks out or where candidates drop out.

A good Applicant Management or Tracking system does all the hard work for the HR department. It automatically scores candidates according to their resume so that the bulk of wrong applicants are removed at the very beginning. It helps you to devote more time to the candidates who are most likely to come down for an interview. If your applicant tracking system fails to sort the best applicants, then it is of no use at all.

Applicant Tracking Systems come with amazing features that facilitate collaborative hiring. HR teams can easily and quickly share notes and ratings on every candidate and drive a collective decision-making process, in which every recruiter has a say. Collaborative hiring has major benefits for companies, such as allowing them to assemble more diverse and successful teams.

Since time is money, the Applicant Tracking System saves money simply by saving your precious time. With many administrative recruiting tasks being automated, you need fewer human hours to fill a position, which makes your hiring strategy more productive and cost-efficient. Also, building and maintaining a talent pool can do wonders for your cost per hire. Imagine having a perfect job candidate every time when a new position opens!

The job listing puts the recruitment process  at Jobberman is in your hands. We provide you with the opportunity to post your job opening to select top candidates through the use of our all in one Applicant Management System.

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