4 Ways to Avoid Hiring Low-Quality Candidates

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It will be a total waste of time when at the end of an interview you realize that all candidates do not qualify for the role at hand. Sometimes applicants even pass the interview and when finally hired to do the job it turns out that their skills don’t meet up to standard.

This can be very frustrating and you may assume there are no qualified candidates out there to fill up the role. It may also be that the right tactics used to fish out for the best talent are not being utilized.

Most often recruiters say, finding the right human resource is essential for business success and that, making a bad hire could be a great loss to the business. If a bad hire will be a great loss to the organization, then definitely it could be avoided as well. Here are 4 things to consider to avoid hiring low-quality candidates.

1. Build A Role Persona

A role persona is described as the fictitious representation of the ideal candidate for a specific role based on your market research. It is primarily the basic thing to do to enable you to know who and what traits/skills set are required for the job. Building a candidate persona will inform you on how to tailor your job description or job advert to attract the right audience (candidate) you want to reach. With this approach, you get a clear understanding of your ideal candidate. For instance, if you are seeking to hire for a sales professional in an automobile company and a sales professional for an FMCG, definitely they will have 2 different personalities and different skills set for the job. It is therefore advisable you coin your message (job description) to attract the right audience. This means the job descriptions may differ.

2. A Detailed and Role Specific Job Description

A good job description can tell the applicant the relevant skills needed for the job. Always make your job description very clear, so job seekers will be well informed on the expectation and the specific requirements for the job being advertised. You must pay attention to the keywords you use in your job descriptions. Using the appropriate and relevant keywords for specific job functions attracts a specific audience. For example, if you are looking for an executive assistant, specifically state the roles/responsibilities of an executive assistant, rather than crafting a job description that best suits an office assistant. Most importantly stress on the educational requirement and experience set for the job. This will prevent unqualified candidates from applying. Remember, a well-written job description will always attract the right talent with the right personality for the job.

3. List On The Right Channels

Find the right job boards to place your job advertisement. Listing jobs on the right job platforms play an essential role in finding the right candidates. There are several online job portals yet, it will be a great return on investment if you choose a platform with a more robust AI to identify the best talents for the job.

In Ghana, Jobberman is the leading online job portal which offers a more robust AI and matching algorithms that allows employers to get access to our large pool of qualified candidates. We fully profile our candidates and utilize the best matching solutions to ensure you get the right fit faster. This is one major effective and efficient way to recruit qualified candidates.

4. Adding Skills Assessment To Job Listings

Essentially, assessments aid in determining whether a candidate is, ultimately, a quality hire. To get the best out of the lot, add an assessment to your job listings, and test for the best.

Skills Assessments are tailored tests that are used to test the abilities of applicants applying for a job. The results after the test enable the recruiter to know how competent the candidate is.

At Jobberman we believe finding the best talent for the job is a great way of contributing to the growth of every business. We have tailored skills assessment tests that allow employers and recruiters to test for the best candidates. These skills assessments have been curated by experts and are excellent predictors of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates.

With Jobberman skills assessments, unqualified candidates are easily eliminated thereby saving you time from interviewing unqualified candidates so you get to interview only the right candidates for the job. Test for the best with the skills assessment tests and hire with ease. Click here to request a demo.

Genevieve Amponsah
Genevieve is a Community Marketer at Jobberman Ghana, who focuses on developing content that answers your questions, whether you are a job seeker or an employer. Her experiences span from news & radio production, to content marketing, SEO copy writing and voice over. She is a great storyteller.